Admission and exams in universities: what will apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated

How the educational process for university students will take place in the current conditions of the pandemic, said the representatives of the authorities.

Education Minister Niki Kerameos stressed that the scope of the universities’ work in the coming academic year is being discussed: “And the universities want teaching to be conducted in classrooms. In the coming weeks, we will discuss all the conditions under which this will be possible. Admission is verified by a vaccination certificate and laboratory tests for the unvaccinated. “

Asked by SKAI if only vaccinated students would attend auditoriums and lecture halls, Ms Kerameos replied, “So far, this is under discussion. The absolute priority of the government is to return to the continuing education process. “

In terms of vaccinating teachers, the education minister said over 74% were vaccinated. “We thank them publicly, this is a huge step, but not enough, we need others,” he said and urged teachers, students and members of the educational community to get vaccinated.

With regard to the 12-17 age group, Ms Kerameos emphasized: “If the child is fully vaccinated, in all likelihood and following the logic of the expert committee, tests will not be carried out, as for example on ships (ferries). Vaccination is allowed in Europe from the age of 12, while many European countries such as France, Italy and Spain apply the vaccine to children. On the other hand, self-tests will be conducted in schools. 1 out of 2 cases in the country were identified using a self test ”.

With regard to state exams and the minimum baseline assessment for university admission, the Minister of Education noted: “Compared to last year, there are a number of candidates who do not meet the minimum academic requirements. We want graduates who intend to learn, not chill out. “

The minister added: “We made a big change, that is, we introduced academic criteria for admission to the university. We want to see prepared students. And we do not want others to be trapped in a university that they will never graduate from. Let them live with a high school diploma. After all, 4 out of 10 students never finish their studies because they do not meet the minimum academic requirements for university studies. “

“The minimum admission base is determined by the university itself. Schools of architecture, for example, preferred to rate the passage higher, others lower. If the ministry satisfied the proposals of universities in terms of the number of admitted students in full, we would have -40% of students in universities. “

As Niki Kerameos explained, there are two options in computer science, from universities to IEK: “In parallel computer education, there are positions for web designers, web developers, travel professionals who are in high demand in the job market. To see the prospects, it is not at all necessary to go to a university, it is enough to graduate from a technical school or even just computer courses. “

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