“Born in a shirt”: the parachute did not open, and the paratrooper “rammed” a residential building

A British paratrooper with an unopened parachute survived by falling from a height of almost 5,000 meters onto the roof of a house.

Residents of Atascadero in California (USA) watched paratroopers flying in the sky, practicing jumps from a height of 5 kilometers. One of them circled strangely in the air, his parachute did not open. As a result, he collapsed on the roof of an apartment building, breaking through it and ending up in the kitchen. Surprisingly, the soldier survived and did not even receive serious injuries, says the ksby channel.

Near the town of Atasquedero, British and American paratroopers trained to jump from a height of 5 km, while the parachute had to be deployed at an altitude of less than 1 km above the ground. For some reason, the main parachute of one paratrooper did not open, and there was too little time left to use the spare.

After his happy fall, an impressive hole remained in the roof of the house, but the owners have no complaints. Fortunately, they were not at home at that moment, so possible injuries were avoided. Their neighbor Rose Martin, a nurse by profession, witnessed the fall and rushed into the house to help the military:

“I ran [в дом к соседям]to make sure the man was okay and examined him. His eyes were open, but I did not know if he was injured, and therefore did not want to be touched. “

Surprisingly, the man not only survived, but even escaped serious injuries. According to a police press release, he was conscious and complained of pain, but no serious injuries were found. The paratrooper was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed moderate injuries.

The lucky one, as it turned out, was a British soldier. The rest of the paratroopers landed safely.

A relative of the owners of the “hospitable” house, Linda Selladi, called it surprising that the parachutist did not even touch household appliances and furniture during the fall. And Rose Martin still can’t come to her senses:

“I think it’s a miracle. I mean, who lands like this without a parachute and survives?”

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