Tragedy on the island of Folegandros

The couple’s short vacation to Folegandros turned into tragedy after a 26-year-old girl was pulled out of the water in the Ligaria area, and her 30-year-old boyfriend went missing.

Relatives and friends of the unfortunate Garifalia cannot believe what happened. At the same time, her friend’s family lives in pitch hell, since the young man does not show signs of life.

As it became known, a girl from Velo (Corinth), a pharmacist by profession, arrived on the island with a friend, also a resident of Corinth, for a few days.

“The parents of the deceased are heartbroken. Their daughter went to rest on the island, and no one expected a tragic end. It is not clear what could have happened to them there … The guy’s parents are going crazy, they don’t know what to think … Everyone is very sad about what happened, ”said a friend of the young woman.

In the area where the body of the deceased was found, the police found a bag containing her boyfriend’s identity card. Authorities showed residents of the island a photograph of the wanted man in an attempt to locate him.

At present, the testimony of witnesses is being carefully studied, who say that after it became known about the death of the girl, they saw a certain person limping away from the scene. He was wearing only swimming trunks … Alas, it never occurred to anyone to approach him and ask what had happened.

According to law enforcement agencies, the possibility of suicide is excluded. The Coast Guard officers who are handling this case consider it highly likely that this is either an accident or a criminal act.

Garifalia’s last hours
Residents of the area on the eve of the tragedy saw a girl driving a car, shortly before she was found dead. For some unknown reason, the car deviated from the course and stopped off the road, on a rocky slope. Then the 26-year-old pharmacist got out of the car, grabbed her backpack and retired into the rocks. The trunk was left open and her car was parked on the side of the road leading to the sea and locked. According to other sources, the couple pitched a tent in the rocks to spend their vacation days in seclusion.

Residents of Lygaria told the port administration that a woman, in her clothes, was seen at sea, far from the coast. The Coast Guard rushed to the indicated place, where they actually found the girl, fully clothed. Unfortunately, she was dead. The body was taken by ship Dionysius Solomos to a hospital in Athens for an autopsy to be carried out and the exact cause of her death established. The girl’s 30-year-old friend is wanted.

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