The long-awaited coolness will come to Greece

“Ice Tub of Water” – a weather phenomenon that has caused massive and deadly flooding in Central Europe, especially in Germany and Belgium, is gradually moving south.

According to the forecast of the National Observatory of Athens /, the cold weather front (poetically called “cold lake” – “ψυχρή λίμνη”) from Central Europe is slowly moving southeast to southern Italy, where it will be at noon Sunday (18/7) … And then he will come to Greece.

Today on 17/07, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (EMY), the weather in the country will be generally clear, cloudy in places, with continued high temperatures.

Where is the “cold lake” phenomenon heading?
During the cold front, atmospheric disturbance will cause extensive rain and thunderstorms in the eastern Alps (Austria), in the western Balkan Peninsula (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia) and in Italy, where showers are expected.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms are not expected in Greece until Sunday. However, bad weather and storms are expected in the country from the beginning of next week.
Meteorologist and research director of the National Observatory of Athens Kostas Laguvardos confirmed the arrival of the “cold lake” phenomenon in Greece, noting that it will cause weather disasters.

“Cold Lake”, walking through Europe, will come to our country. We observed a similar phenomenon earlier in July 2019 in Halkidiki, when a hurricane swept through the area, ”the forecaster said in his speech on Greek radio.

He then pointed out the following: “It looks like a certain part of the front will cover the country from Sunday evening onwards. Bad weather will show itself especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The air temperature will drop significantly. “

As noted, more detailed information on the weather will be known in the near future.

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