Government Efforts to Increase Vaccinations Bearing Fruits

Due to the rapid increase in the number of cases of covid and its more contagious mutation Delta, which is of particular concern, the government has announced a series of measures to protect the public. Among them – the mandatory vaccination of personnel in the private and public sector, departments of homes for the elderly and disabled, as well as in health care structures.

Reportedly, Deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas will tour the country and visit areas with low vaccination coverage. A government spokesman will try to establish “closer contact” with the population, convincing them of the effectiveness of the vaccine and the vital need to get it. The minister will also liaise with the local government, church, medical workers and businessmen to outline their role in the program to promote accelerated vaccination.

Youth vaccinations and bonuses

As noted, measures have been taken for young people who are even more at risk of the Delta mutation, announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to motivate them to get vaccinated.

The “bonus” is reported to come into effect on June 28th. “Freedom Pass”, a digital debit card with a value of 150 euros, which is exclusively for people between the ages of 18 and 25 who will take their first dose of vaccine or complete their vaccinations.

The authorities’ admonitions and measures taken seem to have prompted some skeptics to get vaccinated.

The vaccination record is increasing day by day, says Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias. Government spokesman Aristotelius Peloni reports that from June 28 to the day before yesterday, 590,000 citizens signed up for the first dose. Every third of them are young people aged 18 to 29 years.

According to the Ministry of Health, at the moment 9,560,592 vaccinations have been carried out in Greece. At least the first dose was made by 5,364,957 citizens, and 4,486,033 people completed vaccination.

In order to create the necessary “herd immunity”, which will greatly ease the situation, since yesterday, 07/15, a platform has been opened where teenagers 15-17 years old can sign up for the Pfizer vaccine. It will be updated every 15 days and will include those over the age of 15. Any parent of the teenager who belongs to the same family as the child can make an appointment with the Vaccine Center.

Also, the procedure for scheduling vaccinations can be done at any KEP or pharmacy. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to vaccination centers.

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