Anarchists publish data on 21 police officers related to violence and torture

The anarchists’ website has published data on 21 police officers, most of whom are trade unionists from Thessaloniki, who, according to the anarchists, are involved in personal violence cases.

The provocative statement was signed by the “Organization of Anarchist Action” group.

In their text, the anarchists, among other things, declare that “from today we begin to publicly disclose 21 miasms in uniforms suspected of torture and ill-treatment, rape and cover-up of incidents of sexual violence, the spread of fear and terrorism, arrests, imprisonment and other the activities of the employees of the department of the General Directorate of Police of Thessaloniki, who hate life, freedom and do not respect the dignity of the people. “

In the text, anti-authoritarians mention police-related cases such as murder of 20-year-old Caroline in Glika Nera, rape 50 year old cleaning lady in Petralona and a case of violence against 19 year old girl in Ilioupoli a police officer who, with the help of colleagues, imprisoned her.

The prosecutor’s office promptly reacted to the disclosure of these security officials.

“The prosecutor’s office, giving the order to initiate a criminal case, appealed to the Greek police cybercrime unit and asks to conduct an investigation to identify the authors of the texts and investigate crimes related to violation of personal data, incitement to commit crimes and spreading false news,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki has issued its own statement on the occasion of the publication of the personal data of 21 EL.AS trade unionists. group “Organization of anarchist action”.

EYATH condemns “an unjust attack on police officers,” as it claims, aimed at the Department of Citizen Protection.

“The distorted image created for the Greek police is a sign of the times. Corresponding is political and physical leadership, which tends to “react indifferently” to all important issues. It is no coincidence that no one showed the slightest interest when a few months ago there were explosions in the homes of our colleagues, ”the Police Union said in a statement.

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