Samos fire is out of control

A wildfire on the island of Samos, in a forested area in the Vourliotes area, which began this afternoon, is out of control.

At the site of the fire, a significant fire brigade is operating, while, according to, the Samos Fire Department and the police have begun a preventive evacuation of two hotels and houses located near the fire site.

Due to the fire, it was also decided to evacuate the village of Kokkari. It is not far from the hearth, but there are hotel complexes within two kilometers, and the authorities are on their guard.

Posted by on Thursday, July 15, 2021

In its announcement, due to a large fire that is approaching a water supply point, the municipality of East Samos is asking to reduce the use of drinking water in the Kokkari region as well as in the city of Samos.

37 firefighters are trying to put out the fire with the help of 1 group of volunteers, 15 vehicles, three helicopters and three planes, including the Russian BE-200 aircraft.

In a statement to local media outlets in Samos, Lieutenant General Ioannis Stamoulis of the fire brigade based there, coordinator of operations in the Aegean Sea and Crete, described the “current situation” as “difficult”. According to him, “the fires in Wurliot are dispersed, and the fire, amplified by the winds, is directed south towards the mountain.”

Posted by on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Σε προληπτική εκκένωση δύο ξενοδοχείων και σπιτιών που βρίσκονται κοντά στο μέτωπο της πυρκαγρο προχίρα η υρκαγρο Συνδράμει και ο Δήμος Ανατολικής Σάμου

Posted by on Thursday, July 15, 2021

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