Loss of teeth and dementia – is there a connection

Recent research by scientists has led to an unexpected discovery – with every tooth lost, the risk of dementia increases.

The study, conducted in the United States, involved 34,074 people, 4,689 of whom suffered from dementia. Its results are published in the scientific journal “JAMDA: The Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine”. Scientists from the New York University College of Nursing have found a direct link between the appearance of cognitive impairment and the loss of teeth – each additional loss increases the risk of dementia. Moreover, this statement is irrelevant for those who have dentures.

In the course of studies, it was found that the loss of a large number of teeth increases the risk of the onset and development of cognitive impairment by one and a half times, dementia – by 1.3 times. Each additional lost tooth increases this indicator by 1.4% in the first case and by 1.1% for dementia. At the same time, the chance of getting one of these diagnoses is higher for those who ignore the installation of dentures (24%) than for those who have them (17%).

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is disappointing – every sixth resident of the country over 65 does not have a single tooth. This leads to inability to chew and causes nutritional deficiencies in the body. The result is gradual but progressive changes in the brain. The researchers also touched on a related problem – periodontal disease, which mainly leads to the loss of teeth, thus also increasing the risk of dementia.

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