Lived: two men had a fight over suvlaki

A scuffle between a souvlaki seller and an elderly buyer, who fought over “irreconcilable differences” over a portion of barbecue, ended in court proceedings.

It all started when the 54-year-old owner and seller of the kebab shop asked the 71-year-old buyer to pay for the souvlaki the moment he received the serving, not after eating it. For his part, the elderly man refused to pay for the food and said that he would pay for dinner when he was about to leave the diner.

A similar disagreement led to a big fight between the two men inside the store. They exchanged curses and threats without hesitation, while other clients were speechless, trying to calm down the disagreements in earnest.

In the end, the police were called to the scene. Both the owner and the elderly man ended up at the Volos police station and filed complaints against each other for threats, insults and defamation due to financial disputes between them.

The detainees have been released and are expected to stand trial.

According to the testimony of residents of the area, there were personal differences between the two men. And the fact that the 71-year-old did not want to pay for the souvlaki as soon as he got his portion was probably just an excuse.

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