Lifestyle: stars on vacation showed teles

Greek celebrities who take a break from “hard work” posted their photos on Instagram, to the envy of everyone.

Greek summer is not just Mykonos! The spotlight of popular personalities has shifted to the “Cycladic Principality”, which has been inundated with international celebrities as the region is known worldwide as a glamorous holiday destination.

Of course, local celebrities are well aware that there are many other places in Greece that are no less great for relaxation, but, nevertheless, they are also drawn to the elite get-together, which is concentrated this year on the Cyclades islands. Persons of the Greek beau monde do not miss the opportunity to join the trend, enjoy the rest “among their own”, away from the bustle of the city.

Katerina Laspa has been regularly visiting Fr. Serifos has not changed its habits this year either. Her joy was so great that she was photographed jumping, showing everyone her magnificent figure. But not a girl already!

Katerina Laspi, 45, TV presenter.

Konstantinos Vassalos, after a vacation in Mykonos, together with his beloved Eurydice Valavani “set sail” to Astypalea. There, the “Greek Apollo”, a bodybuilder and teleperson, showed his famous abs with “cubes”, which really amazes the imagination.

Viki Hadjivassiliou doesn’t do much in the idyllic setting of Northern Greece, in a place that is perfectly familiar to the Thessalonians (and not only), such as Halkidiki. The stunning figure of the 57-year-old famous journalist and TV presenter is only adorned with an elegant black bikini.

At the same time, Miriella Kurenti, a 32-year-old Greek film actress, showed a photo showing her crossing the sea in Sivota (Tesprotia) on a speedboat.

And 61-year-old TV personality, journalist and TV presenter Tatiana Stefanidou, who is resting on her own yacht, posted a photo to the network when the ship docked in Gerolimenas, Laconia.

Marianda Pieridi, a 48-year-old Greek pop singer, has chosen Tinos, where she has a great rest, as can be seen from the photos posted on Instagram.

Katerina Dalaka, a 28-year-old sportswoman, prefers outdoor activities. Therefore, she pleased her online fans with an alternative proposal – she conducted a virtual excursion to the Vikos Gorge, near Ioannina.

And finally, a very built 33-year-old TV presenter Konstantin Spiropoulou showed a gorgeous figure “made for the summer.” Telepersona is relaxing on the beach of the luxurious Costa Navarino hotel in Messinia.

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