Epidemiologists in Greece sound the alarm

The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases, as well as the spread of the Delta mutation, are worrying experts, who are sounding the alarm and calling for additional vaccinations.

Yesterday, Wednesday 14/07, EODY announced 2,938 new cases. According to the report, for the week from July 5 to July 11, the percentage of positive results (detected infected) was 3.15% in the course of 420,424 laboratory tests conducted.

In fact, this week the positivity index in the Southern Sector of Athens is 1.39%, while in Rethymno it reaches 3.69%, in Mykonos it is 3.31%, in Paros it is 1.27% and in Grevena it is 1. 12%.

At a meeting of the Subcommittee of Epidemiologists, an alert was raised about the danger in certain areas, especially in Attica, Rethymno, Heraklion and Mykonos, where outbreaks of the disease are observed.

An expert on the rapid rise in incidence
Speaking on SKAI, Wana Papaevangelu, a professor of childhood infectious diseases and a member of the expert committee of the Ministry of Health, noted an increase in the number of new cases in recent days: in February last year it took about a month to reach the level of 3000 cases (from 500 that were), now we achieved this in just two weeks.

When asked to comment on expert Nikos Sipsas’ creepy forecast of 15,000-20,000 cases in August due to the exponential increase in prevalence, Ms. Papaveagelu replied: “I am not familiar with the mathematical model for calculating the epidemiological situation to tell you unequivocally whether 20 or 100,000 cases in August. But the fact that there will be a lot of them is a fact. “

The professor noted that “there is definitely a large underestimation of the real number of active cases in our country at the moment, adding that due to the Delta mutation, their number is” three times more than we think. “

Papaevangelu: dissemination not only among young people, but also in the family and at work
The expert also warned about Delta mutations, which will dominate the EU by the end of August. “Now we have a very wide range of age groups. However, as all indications show, the Indian mutation affects not only young people, ”said Ms Papaevangelu.

Professor H. Gogos’s warning
Professor of pathology and member of the committee on infectious diseases, Charalambos Gogos, mentioned today the outbreak of coronavirus cases, the measures that need to be taken, as well as vaccinations.

Speaking on SKAI, he stressed the importance of vaccinations even for children, as next month promises to be extremely difficult and schools will open in September. “We will come in September-October, schools will open and we will have a problem again,” said Mr Gogos, explaining that the education system cannot handle the data we have now as the virus has spread to young people.

With regard to the functioning of universities and colleges, the expert commented that lecture halls and auditoriums cannot work according to the principle of “admitting only the vaccinated.” “Towards the end of the month we will see how the situation will develop. And, having made the appropriate conclusions, we will make a decision, ”he said.

As for the “red zones”, Mr. Gogos noted that if necessary, it is necessary to increase the number of tests: “The best way to check is rapid tests.” When asked if they would be mandatory, he said it would depend on the current load. “If the viral load is still high, it is likely that mandatory checks will be required,” he said.

And what about the mandatory vaccination?
Regarding whether the compulsory vaccination will be extended to other professional fields and sectors, Mr. Gogos replied that “they will start with the workers of the red zones:” If this does not work, then everything is fine. “

As for the vaccination of children 15-17 years old, for whom an appointment site was opened today, the specialist said that at the moment there is a lot of data on the safety of vaccines: “The situation is critical for schools as well. This process must be completed. “

Finally, commenting anti-Vakzer protest rallywho arranged the demonstration, the professor explained that everyone has the right to express their opinion, but there is a committee, state and rules that must be applied in each case.

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