Died Peter Mamonov

A wonderful, amazing, extremely frank real person. In recent years, he was one of the most prominent preachers of Christ crucified.

This is that amazing case when a preacher lives as he preaches.
His film The Island was his personal confession of Faith.

He lived as he taught: repentance, conscience, love for God and for people, giving himself all to creativity and creativity preaching Christ.

We do not choose death, it chooses us. Unfortunately, there is no shop where we could choose to die early, but easier, or later, but heavier. Peter Mamonov died hard, from the Crown. But any death from any disease is hard. This is not the main thing. The main thing is that by his very life he left us a sermon about Christ.

He was a unique man-monk, for whom the whole world was a monastery, and the set was a pulpit from which he preached.

Rest in peace, brother.
Kingdom of Heaven to you.
And applause for you.

Vasily Volga

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