Zoning: three types of enclosed spaces

Under completely different, “tough” rules, in order to stop the spread of the virus, restaurants and nightclubs in Greece will operate starting from July 16 this year.

The new food service rules have been announced along with a mandatory vaccination measure that applies to 17 professions and comes with sanctions for non-compliance. The measures were introduced at a time when Greece is facing 4th wave of pandemicand experts predict nightmarish scenarios, talking about 5,000-20,000 possible cases of covid.

Three new signal stickers

Catering and entertainment establishments should now be divided into three categories. The stickers will appear in stores on July 16, that is, this Friday. Incoming screening (for vaccinations) will be carried out using a new application for iPhone and Android mobile phones – “Covid Free GR”, presented yesterday by the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

The meaning of the stickers that will be placed in restaurants and entertainment establishments (for indoor spaces) are as follows:

“Covid-free zone” – this sign certifies that everyone who enters the premises has a certificate of vaccination or previous illness.

“Fully Vaccinated Personnel” – The label will be issued by the food service provider where all employees are confirmed to have been vaccinated.

“Mixed Space” – Visitors must either be vaccinated or have a previous medical history or negative Covid test (72 hours for PCR / molecular tests or 48 hours for rapid tests).

What new measures give
According to government-announced measures for entertainment venues and centers:

Until August 31 in all entertainment establishments, the presence of only visitors sitting at the tables is allowed. From July 16 to August 31, closed entertainment establishments (restaurants, cinemas, theaters) can operate only at 85% of their capacity. Especially for indoor entertainment centers, only “clean” rooms are allowed, covering 85% of the usable area.

All nightclubs, open and closed, operate in accordance with the sanitary protocol and distancing rules commonly used in the catering industry.

Fines and administrative penalties
For offenders there are:

1st violation:

For catering establishments and clubs <200 sq.m. an administrative fine of 2,000 euros and the suspension of activities from the next day of the violation for seven calendar days.

For catering establishments and clubs with an area of ​​more than 200 sq.m. an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand euros from the owner of the company / legal entity and the suspension of activities from the next day when the violation was revealed, for 7 calendar days.

2nd violation:

For catering establishments and clubs, regardless of the area, an administrative fine of 10,000 euros is imposed and the suspension of work from the next day of the violation for fifteen calendar days.

3rd violation:

For catering establishments and clubs, regardless of the area, temporary withdrawal of the store license for 60 calendar days.

To establish the second and third violations, it is sufficient to commit any of the violations mentioned.

Sanctions can be imposed even after any violation has been committed on the basis of the evidence from which it arose.

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