The doctor kicked out the nursing mother from the vaccination center

A young woman in Crete who gave birth to a baby a few months ago decided to make an appointment for a covid vaccine.

However, when she arrived at the vaccination center and spoke to the doctor who is recording the patients’ medical history, as soon as she told him that she had recently become a mother and was breastfeeding, he encouraged her to leave and make an appointment again when her baby was one year old. According to, her doctor canceled the second dose of the vaccine.

While research data is still very limited, a directive from WHO and the European Medicines Agency states that pregnant and lactating women are not at risk from vaccinations and that their babies are safe.

At the same time, however, citizens seem to be caught in the middle of the storm, as many scientists are cautious in their statements and opinions, urging pregnant women and women trying to have children to avoid vaccinations.

“Who will reassure these women if so far no significant effort has been made to properly inform society?” Asks But it seems that this question is purely rhetorical.

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