Prime Minister: four steps to tackle the pandemic

The Greek Prime Minister has announced a series of measures to immediately prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Delta Mutation, in order, he said, to cope with the rapidly increasing number of cases without imposing horizontal bans, isolation and curfews.

These 4 measures are:

Immediate and mandatory vaccination of all nursing home staff. If the measure is not implemented, then from August 16 the work of the organizations will be suspended. From September 1, all medical workers, both public and private, will be vaccinated without fail. This applies to nurses and doctors, as well as the administrative staff of hospitals and other medical institutions of all types. Measures and incentives have been introduced to vaccinate conscripts and permanent personnel of the Greek Armed Forces, all personnel and specialties, as well as administrative personnel of all services of the Ministry of Defense. Indoor entertainment venues, that is, restaurants, bars, theaters and cinemas, as well as other establishments of all types, are only permitted for those who are vaccinated.

The Prime Minister explained that the country is not going to re-introduce the general isolation regime. He recalled that already now there is a significant increase in the number of tourists arriving in Greece, in percentage, reminiscent of previous times. He also noted that the economy does not allow horizontal and vertical sanctions to be applied in the future. And restrictive measures will affect only the unvaccinated.

As the Greek Prime Minister summed up his speech, “four options have been developed by epidemiologists and approved by the government in favor of the health of the employees themselves and those around them. They give freedom to those who deserve it. The measures represent an act of justice for the majority of citizens who have conscientiousness and social responsibility. “

Watch the video of Kiryakos Mitsotakis’s performance.

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