Money transfers from Greece online and commission-free: step by step instructions

Recently, many Russian-speaking residents of Greece have heard the KoronaPay brand. This interest is easy to explain, because this is the name of an online transfer service that allows you to send money to dozens of countries instantly and without commission.

But practically each of us is trying to provide all possible assistance to relatives and friends who have remained outside the borders of Hellas. Of course, I would like the costs to be as low as possible, the sending process is simpler, and the service is more reliable.

So this interest is not at all idle. Therefore, today we will tell you in detail about KoronaPay and give extended information about both the service itself and how to use it.

Sending money with KoronaPay

The entire money transfer process is concentrated in your smartphone. To send a money transfer, you only need a phone with a Greek (+30) or other European number, as well as your bank card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro) issued by any European bank, or an account number with such a bank.

Further, the algorithm is as follows:

Download the free KoronaPay application ( to your mobile phone (smartphone). We go into the application (here you can set a convenient interface language for you – the application supports 14 languages) and indicate your phone number. A one-time password for verification will be sent to this number. We select the recipient country and the transfer method.

You can get money in different ways depending on the country. Direct crediting to the recipient’s card is possible – this option is available for money transfers to Russia and Ukraine. Or you can send money with cash receipt – this option is available for the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Israel. But for your addressees from all these countries, there is also an opportunity to receive money on your bank card – he can easily do this in the same KoronaPay mobile application.

We indicate the size of the transfer and the currency. The system will calculate the amount to be received and indicate that the commission is 0%. We are completing the transfer. We enter the data of the recipient and the sender, as well as the account details from which the money will be debited for the transfer. After confirming the payment, the application will display a unique transfer number on the final screen, which will be required if your addressee receives money in cash.

You only need to enter the sender’s details once. Then this information will be saved in your profile and will be substituted automatically in the future. The same applies to information about the recipient – when re-transferring, you can select the addressee and not fill in his details again.


Let’s summarize briefly. So, KoronaPay is:

One of the leaders in the money transfer market with an 18-year history Millions of senders and recipients around the world Money transfer online Money transfer commission – 0% Favorable currency conversion rate Reliability: the service is built in compliance with the strictest international information security standards Minimum documents: up to 1000 euros for 6 months can be sent without proof of identity.

See for yourself!

Small background information.

What is KoronaPay?

KoronaPay is the European brand of the Zolotaya Korona international money transfer system. The system has been on the market since 2003 and is currently represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Its turnover in 2020 amounted to about 11 billion euros, and more than 100 thousand transactions are processed in the system per day.

“Zolotaya Korona” is very well known in many countries due to the scale of its business and wide service network – more than 50 thousand offices. More than 450 banks, postal operators and large retail chains are members of the system. According to the international credit rating service S&P Global Ratings, Zolotaya Korona is ranked leading positions in the segment of money transfers, especially in the Russia / CIS region.

In 2018, Koronapay Europe Limited was registered by the Central Bank of Cyprus, and in 2020 Koronapay entered the European online money transfer market. The service became available in 31 countries – throughout the European Union, as well as in the UK, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Today the KoronaPay app is used by more than 9 million remittance senders around the world.

The secret of the service’s popularity lies in its qualities: transfer commission – 0%, the best conversion rate on the market, the ability to make transactions online using a smartphone and receive money within a few minutes.

The service is provided by Koronapay Europe Limited, EMI license no., issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus, company registration number HE375955. Details on the website


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