Expert: "Go crazy! Something new every day"

Every day and something new – we will be driven crazy: “Vaccination does not protect against infection!” – says Professor Mr. Tsanakis. “The peak of the fourth wave is expected on August 20,” the expert says.

Reviews and differing opinions are expressed daily regarding the pandemic and vaccination. Until recently, scientists assured that young children do not get sick and are not at risk, now they are beginning to vaccinate adolescents.

Until yesterday, scientists and experts said vaccination was the only solution to stop the pandemic. Everything seems to have changed today. The data is very different.

“The vaccination does not protect against infection, but against serious diseases,” said Nikos Tsanakis, adding that “the possibility of administering a third dose of the vaccine is being discussed. We are waiting for instructions from the regulatory authorities. “

The fourth wave is coming
According to the professor, the peak of the fourth wave of the pandemic in Greece expected on August 20. “A very favorable scenario speaks about 3000 cases per day on average. In other words, we can see both 2500 and 4000. And this despite the fact that the rate of vaccination will be increased, and health protocols will be followed, ”said the professor of pulmonology.

“The worst-case scenario of wave 4, in which the Delta mutation predominates, will unfold if there is a decrease in vaccination and a lack of adequate anti-anxiety measures (and their enforcement). We are talking about 6,000 cases in August. As for the final dynamics of the wave, if it develops in this way, the result will be disappointing, ”concluded Mr. Tsanakis.

According to the professor, “in the next ten days we will learn the state of affairs. Let’s see if the young people who are sick now will be able to transmit the disease to unvaccinated parents, grandparents, and also what numbers we will have in terms of intubation and death. “

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