February 8, 2023

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Canada: Heat Affects Not Only Humans

Abnormal heat in Canada, when the thermometer reached 50 ° C, caused the death of one billion sea inhabitants.

Hundreds of people have not survived the terrifying heat in Canadaand over 1 billion sea creatures have been found dead. Vancouver’s Kittsilano Beach is littered with starfish and mussels, and the stench spreads far beyond.

Temperature records in Canada almost reached 50 ° C in June (49.6 ° C on June 29), and marine life, according to Chris Harley of the University of British Columbia, can only withstand 40 ° C, and even then not too long.

Most of the inhabitants of the deep sea have the ability to filter water, purifying it from various pollutants. Therefore, the death of such a huge number of them will undoubtedly affect the quality of water in Canada in the future, scientists say.

The “heat dome” effect, with which experts associate the current weather anomaly, is an unusual phenomenon that is usually extremely rare. According to experts, “on average, only once every several thousand years.” However, climate change “made these kinds of unusual occurrences more likely.”

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