The erotic mood “rises” thanks to … vaccines

According to 4 out of 10 participants in a study conducted in Greece and Cyprus, mass vaccinations, which are stable and aimed at herd immunity, appear to have a positive effect on the “sexual mood” of the population.

In particular, vaccine-inspired optimism has fueled the expectation that this summer will be extremely erotic in the Eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, 66% of the inhabitants of Cyprus believe that the summer of 2021 will be a period of sexual “outburst”, and among the inhabitants of Greece 63% have a similar point of view.

A recent study by the Andrological Institute (Ανδρολογικού Ινστιτούτου), conducted using an online survey method of 2,000 people from Greece and 600 residents of Cyprus, aged 18-65, showed data predicting a “hot erotic summer”.

“The results paint a picture of reality before cases and fierce controversies between vaccine proponents and opponents are fierce, as it is possible that research conducted at this time could have recorded different results,” said Dr. Konstantinidis, head of the institute.

The expert believes that “the initial inspiration for the study of this issue was inspired by the words of Professor Nicholas Christakis that after the end of the pandemic there will be a period when the mores of citizens will change, and there will be a tendency towards“ lust for life ”in all its manifestations.

The public health guidelines noted that “close relationships” lead to the spread of the coronavirus. And vaccines have brought back the spontaneity that Eros needs into real life, and this is evident from the results of the study. “


A previous study by the Andrological Institute, published in early 2021, eloquently recorded a positive response from citizens to the announcement of the search for effective vaccines, which was reflected in an increase in libido and in the frequency of intimacy.

In the present study, when the vaccine became a reality, the difference in desire was demonstrated in real time, as nearly 4 out of 10 participants in both Greece and Cyprus believe that the mass vaccinations had a positive impact on their privacy.

The survey results show that 55% of Cypriots and 43% of Greeks who responded to the survey have received at least one dose of vaccine, and these results are broadly in line with official government data for the course of vaccinations.

The mask, which has entered our lives as an extreme precaution, also meant that “kissing and breathing face to face” is dangerous in terms of transmission from one partner to another of the coronavirus.

Mr. Konstantinidis argues that “kissing, caressing, breathing face to face is a necessary natural process of love, formed over millennia of human history.”

At the start of the pandemic, “forced leave” (or working from home) was a gift for couples who didn’t have time to meet or when they were tired and angry from their daily responsibilities.

The onset of the pandemic came as a pleasant surprise and was perceived as a gift in the middle of winter with paid holidays. According to all polls worldwide, the couples have met again and their love life has improved.

But as the pandemic developed, people began to experience negative feelings: the threat of getting sick, fear, financial insecurity and forced coexistence in small apartments with children, parents and relatives.

The original ideal image of “eternal holiday” was replaced by grumbling, anger and everyday quarrels (the increase in domestic violence has hit the world community), and the number of divorces has risen sharply against the background of increasing consumption of alcohol, drugs and psychoactive substances.

Thus, sex faded into the background. The atmosphere of fear, death in the intensive care unit, negative emotions and depression negatively affected the sexual activity of citizens.

And now that vaccination has become readily available, it looks like the sex life of the Greeks and Cypriots has begun to improve again.

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