The scenario for August is disappointing

The scenarios for August and the coronavirus cases that experts are anticipating after the country’s spike in infection are nightmares.

“In August, we may have 3,000 cases of coronavirus per day in the most favorable scenario, 4,000 cases in the most likely and even 6,000 in the worst-case scenario,” Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis warned on SKAI channel.

“Almost everyone who has not been vaccinated will get stuck. Mathematically, a child who returns home from a children’s camp is likely to infect his relatives and friends with whom he will contact even within a few minutes, ”warned Nikos Tsanakis.

“The blue are cases, and in fact their mobile averages are comparable, the red line is a pattern that adapts to cases that have occurred in the past day. The dotted line (bottom) is the forecast, which I would consider very favorable if this happened, ”the expert comments on the data in the table.

The favorable prognosis, according to N. Tsanakis, is about 3000 viruses in August. “I think this is favorable, provided that vaccination continues or increases, and we try to discipline the measures. If everything goes well, this favorable scenario can be realized, ”the professor said.

“Perhaps what will eventually happen is the second dashed line, which will approach 4,000 cases by early August. And of course, we will exceed 3000 cases approximately on July 20-22, ”the specialist believes.

“If we increase vaccination, we will follow a favorable scenario.”
Above, Mr. Tsanakis continued, you also see the dotted line that will appear if the vaccination rate drops by about 30-50% from the current level.

There is a further exponential increase in cases, its peak is still unclear, it can go up to 5,000 cases of coronavirus, maybe up to 4,500, maybe up to 6,000 cases … Therefore, we must think about how to increase the vaccination rate in order to implement the most favorable scenario.

“For camps to function safely, they need to be turned into social bubbles, health measures tightened and visits be completely banned,” said the pulmonology professor. He explained that if an asymptomatic parent meets their child during the visit, the virus will be passed on to 100 more children.

According to Mr. Tsanakis, isolation should also be undertaken during the holidays. He explained that if someone does not go to the island and, for example, stays with his friends, does not go to big parties (if he does not go crazy, as he characteristically stressed), then only then will he be safe.

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