Epsilon mutation: scientists are worried that it "slip away" from vaccines

Even before we survive the wave of the super-infectious Delta mutation, another strain, the next coronavirus mutation, is causing shock to scientists.

This is the Epsilon (E) mutation, which is under the scrutiny of Swiss and American scientists who published a recent study. It was first discovered at the end of 2020 in California and has so far appeared in 34 other countries, fortunately only in a few cases so far.

How to prevent antibodies from recognizing the virus
According to George Kokoto, professor of organic chemistry-pharmacochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Kapodistrian National University of Athens, “this is an unprecedented molecular mechanism by which a virus can escape existing vaccines and the spike protein” of the virus.

“These mutations were found in a strain of the virus that was first identified in California and called the epsilon mutation,” the expert noted. According to epidemiologists, every virus changes, and “if it does not change, it will not exist, and even more so widely as it exists in the world today and a new coronavirus is presented.”

Different mutations will appear, which will be called differently. And this applies to their various options. That is, the presence in the strain of characteristics different from another mutation: epidemic significance, the ability to influence the population, to change the course of the disease, or to the rate of spread. This is always the most important thing we want to know about a new virus, “said the respondent.

“Alarming mutation”
The Epsilon mutation is called “alarming”. It was first detected in California since late 2020 (there are currently about 46,000 cases in the US) and has spread to 34 other countries (a small number of cases so far).
Understanding the mechanism by which mutations can mitigate the protective effect of antibodies underscores the need for continued vigilance against COVID-19 disease and the development of a drug that will effectively treat it by killing the virus early on.


According to the American Johns Hopkins University, on the morning of Friday July 9, the number of registered cases of coronavirus infection in the world reached 185,560,438. At the same time, 4,010,596 people with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 have died since the spread of the virus. In terms of the number of people infected and died, the United States remains the leader.

In Russia, the daily increase in new cases of COVID-19 infection has reached its maximum values ​​since January 2 of this year. According to the operational headquarters, 25,766 cases of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation were recorded per day, 726 patients died per day.

In Moscow, 6643 new cases were detected per day, 102 patients died.

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