Want to enlarge your breasts? Get vaccinated with Pfizer

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity began to massively report an unusual side effect of the Pfizer vaccination – breast augmentation.

Norwegian women were the first to notice the unusual phenomenon, actively discussing it on social networks, according to NRK. For example, 17-year-old Emma, ​​a resident of Oslo, shared that after the vaccination she had to buy new underwear, while the bra needed one size larger.

Doctor Heinrich Backmann explains the effect by the expansion of the lymph nodes – in this way the body reacts in a peculiar way to the administration of the drug. Unfortunately for many ladies, he said that the phenomenon was short-lived.

Steinar Madsen, a spokesman for the Norwegian Medicines Agency, also believes that breast augmentation is temporary and after a while after vaccination, everything will return to normal. At the same time, the specialist has already encountered such an effect in American women – about 10% of vaccinated women experienced breast growth due to enlarged lymph nodes.

Pfizer said they were unaware of this, but they fully admit the presence of such a manifestation of the body’s reaction. Most recently, the famous blogger El Marshall published a video on TikTok, where she told and showed the pleasant effect of her recent coronavirus vaccination:

“All my life I have been the first size, and Pfizer has increased it to the third!”

The post went viral instantly with 1.6 million views. As it turned out, the blogger is far from the only one – users massively told in the comments about a similar action by Pfizer:

“For a long time I could not understand what happened to me”, “Wow, I am not alone”, “The same thing happened to me!”

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