The invasion of minks caused problems

According to the ERT, the invasion of fur-bearing animals in the West Macedonian region was recorded after animal lovers and advocates released about 50,000 minks from the farms of Kastoria and Siatista in 2010.

It is significant that in Kozani, wild animals appear every day on balconies, in the courtyards and entrances of apartment buildings in search of food. Residents say they try to disperse small mammals with a flashlight every night. Many even say that they are afraid to open windows and doors. “We can’t even open the windows!” The townspeople complain to the reporters of the EPT channel.

According to e-ptolemeos, the disturbance was caused to the residents of the Epirotika and Agia Paraskevi districts. Minks dive everywhere, climb balconies and attics, make noise. At the same time, local residents are desperately looking for help from someone to resolve the situation.

The problem is not limited to districts. According to the newspaper “Macedonia”, early in the morning of June 28, 2021, the courtyard of the Mamatzio hospital in the city of Kozani was simply “flooded” with burrows. About 10 animals disrupted the work of a medical institutionbecause the security personnel feared that the animals might enter (or have already climbed) into the interior. The fire brigade was notified of the incident, however, due to darkness, no burrows could be found.

Minks also attack chickens, but most of the damage is done to terrestrial birds such as quails and partridges, whose numbers have plummeted as minks enter their nests and eat their eggs. Specialists and environmental organizations have already begun to develop a mink catching program. There are traps for fur animals in Kastoria.

As a reminder, in December last year, there was alarm in Western Macedonia over cases of coronavirus on mink farms in Kastoria, Kozani and Grevena.

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