Brussels-Milan flight lasted only 15 minutes

Due to the hit of a bird in the engine, the airliner that flew to Milan from the Brussels airport in Zaventem made an emergency landing.

The Brussels Airlines’ emergency landing, with 141 passengers on board, was successful, The Brussels Times reports. The decision to return was made by the crew of the airliner 15 minutes after takeoff, after the starboard engine failed. An airline representative says:

These bird attacks are not uncommon, they happen from time to time, and our pilots are trained on how to deal with such situations. In this case, it was immediately decided to return to Brussels airport for security reasons. Therefore, the plane landed without any problems at the Zaventem airport.

The injured liner is examined by specialists who find out the nature of the damage. All passengers were sent to Milan on another flight.

Birds attack more than just airliners. For example, our publication recently reported about aggression of Kiev crows… Recently, the number of birds in the Ukrainian capital has greatly increased, and accordingly the number of bird nests has also increased. Bird watchers explain that the period of aggression usually lasts from mid-May to mid-June, when the crows incubate their offspring and train the chicks to fly. They advise not to irritate the birds and just stay away from them. However, with planes, such recommendations are difficult to follow. Fortunately, this time everything ended well.

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