Attention! New measures introduced over the past day in the field of catering and transport

Over the past day, a number of new measures have come into force in the field of public catering and transport. The goal of the Greek government is to contain the rapid increase in cases observed in recent days due to the spread of the Delta mutation, which, according to new research, is quite “insidious”.

At the same time, the discussion about compulsory vaccination… In addition, the issue of providing opportunities (benefits) that will receive vaccinated citizens is under consideration.

How we visit the islands
During yesterday’s briefing (8/07), Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias spoke in detail about the measuresapplicable to travel to and from the islands. To get to the island by ship or plane, you must:

Vaccination Certificate, or Certificate of Illness, or 72-Hour PCR Negative or 48-Hour Rapid Negative Adult Test. Any test for minors. Children under 12 years old are admitted without testing.

Mr. Hardalias said that upon returning from the islands, as is the opinion, a mandatory rapid test for the unvaccinated will not be required. But he said that there is a strong recommendation to conduct a self-test for persons over 12 years old.

We remind you that the following are excluded from travel measures to the islands:

A) those who daily move between different regional units (this applies only to the islands) for work, and who must conduct a weekly self-test.

B) those who travel between nearby islands or on ferries connecting the mainland with nearby islands must conduct a weekly self-test if they are employees, and also (self-test) for the movement of other persons.

For ground travel, experts strongly recommend self-testing.

What about activities and entertainment?
In terms of catering and entertainment, the restriction on movement was lifted on June 28, which in its final form meant that restaurants had to close at 1:30. As of yesterday, July 8, catering and entertainment work exclusively with people sitting at tables and with capacity rules clearly defined by the Ministry of Development (1 person per unit area of ​​the institution).

Mr. Hardalias explained in this regard:

“Those companies that are found to have violations during the audit will immediately face the penalty of temporary suspension of operations (from the first violation and from the next day). For any violation related to public health measures, for example, non-compliance with the permanent ban and the maximum number of people on the territory of the institution, a fine will be imposed:

For restaurants, taverns, etc. less than 200 square meters – in the amount of 2000 euros and the immediate closure of the catering establishment for 7 days. For establishments over 200 square meters, a fine of 5,000 euros and the immediate closure of the company from the next day of the violation for 7 days.

“In case of repetition, the penalty will be a single one, in the amount of 10,000 euros, the sealing of the premises will begin the next day and will last 15 days. And in the case of the third violation, the license to operate the establishment is canceled for a period of 60 days from the day following the discovery of the violation.”

And what is provided for those who have a certificate of vaccination or illness, or a negative rapid test in terms of visiting entertainment centers?

Please note that for nightclubs and banquets, concert venues, bars, etc., only open areas with a occupancy of 25% and a mandatory presentation at the entrance are allowed:

a certificate of vaccination or a negative rapid test certificate within 48 hours of the scheduled visit time or a certificate of illness issued 30 days after the first positive test, its validity lasts up to 180 days.

Sanitary protocol:
• Placement of disinfectant on the table.
• Mandatory use of a mask by staff and customers while waiting for an order.
• Up to 10 people at the table.
• Accommodation for seated clients only.
• Compliance with the distances between tables and hygiene rules.
• Placement of two chairs at the bar. The distance to the next pair of chairs is 1.5 meters.

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