The new restrictive measures will only apply to the unvaccinated

The statement that horizontal restrictive measures, obviously, will no longer be introduced (general lockdown), was made by Deputy Minister Mr. Skertsos on social networks. Restrictive measures, if necessary, will be applied in specific territories and only to those who have not been vaccinated.

Mr Akis Skertsos warned that the economy and society will not be “closed” while those who have not yet been vaccinated still “have universal, free and easy access to vaccines.” The Deputy Minister noted that if “restrictive public health measures are local or targeted, they will only concern the unvaccinated.” In fact, he pointedly stressed that “the measures will not be accompanied by financial support.”

Vaccinated people will gradually return to the normal rhythm of life, preceding the pandemic, and the rights of “anti-vaccines” will be limited.

Vaccination progress in Greece
Six months after the start of vaccination, 4,839,234 people were registered who received 1 dose of the vaccine, and 3,788,906 citizens were fully vaccinated. Thus, by the end of June, 56.3% of the country’s adult population is partially protected from SARS-CoV-2, and 44% are fully protected.

Vaccination by age group:

3 out of 4 citizens are over 60 years old (75%); Citizens over 45: 7 out of 10 have either been vaccinated or will be vaccinated in the next few days; citizens 30-45 years old: 44% took at least one dose; 18-29 years old: 26.5% had 1 shot or made an appointment for a vaccination.

It is worth noting that from the register of COVID and vaccinated registry (μητρώο COVID και το μητρώο εμβολιασμένων), of the 4.84 million citizens vaccinated to date with a single dose, only 0.28% contracted COVID-19 after being vaccinated. Hence vaccines provide protection against the virus.

At the same time, a situation is created for the spread of new mutations that infect the unvaccinated. Mr Skertsos recalled that the Indian mutation is 100% more infectious than the original Chinese strain of the virus, and 50-60% more infectious than the British version of the third wave.

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