Greek restaurateurs ignored the model "Covid-Free"

Few restaurant, cafe, bar and club owners plan to use the Covid-free model and turn their establishments into vaccinated-only locations.

Most restaurateurs say they will open the premises to “mixed” clients, that is, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and only 6% of owners say they will have a “Covid-free” regime.

Last week government Greece has decreed that restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. can open their premises to “vaccinated” or “mixed clients”, and this rule will take effect on July 15, 2021. The number of COVID-free establishments will increase, occupancy will increase to 85%, and in the case of “mixed” – only up to 50%.

Entrance to establishments operating on the “Covid-free” model will only have a vaccination certificate, while in “mixed” zones, customers will have to present a vaccination certificate, negative molecular PCR test or rapid test.

“Most of the spaces will be mixed. Most owners will switch to a mixed option. Nobody wants to lose a client. I believe that a small number of establishments will apply the Covid-free model, ”said GSEVEE President Georgios Kavvatas.

Ioannis Deveronis, President of the Union of Restaurateurs of Attica, also thinks. “We will see how events will develop. We have to react because they made us an offer that we cannot refuse. From July 15, we will have to play police and doctors at the entrance to our stores. We have to request the personal data of citizens, ”said Deveronis.

He added that “most of the entrepreneurs will mix their establishments, I have no idea about exclusively Covid-free outlets. The state must convince people to get vaccinated. We are obliged to let all clients pass. Separation of groups is not possible. Anxiety has arisen. “

It is reported that 85% of catering establishments in Thessaloniki will open the interior of their establishments to the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

According to Michalis Epitropidis, Secretary General of Thessaloniki Restaurant Association, they decided to go with this option because there is still a large number of unvaccinated citizens.

“According to our research, 85% of stores will be mixed. 6% will be Covid-free and 9% of store owners have not decided yet, ”Epitropidis said.

Pointing to the fact that 50% of the Greek population has not yet been vaccinated, Epitropidis stressed that “most of us do not want to lose clients.”

According to the report on , near Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as in the rest of the country, almost no establishment will operate in Covid-free mode, with the possible exception of some islands.

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