Mandatory injection: for which professions compulsory vaccination will be introduced

Following the order on compulsory vaccination of EMAK firefighters, the government is considering expanding the list, that is, obliging other workers to be vaccinated.

Following an opinion issued by the National Bioethics Committee, which makes recommendations for specific occupational groups of staff in public and private health facilities, as well as for staff caring for vulnerable groups, the government is paving the way for compulsory (mandatory?) Vaccination in other occupations.

According to information, compulsory vaccinations will not begin in the fall, as mentioned earlier, but in the summer, most likely in August.

It is expected to start with nursing home staff. The next category of workers to be vaccinated is the NHS, as statistics “show” that the percentage of doctors and nurses vaccinated is still low. The government fears a new “overload” of hospitals, when there is not enough staff or beds, which could result in a large number of deaths.

Is there a mandatory “injection” for teachers
As it became known, the mandatory vaccination of teachers, under the pretext of avoiding the closure of schools, is already being considered by the country’s authorities.

The first vaccinations of students and teachers have already taken place, as an appointment platform for adolescents aged 15-17 is expected to open soon. The announced vaccination of children will be “voluntary”, but the mandatory vaccination measure for teachers does not seem “justified” as the spread of the virus among students will not prevent the closure of departments and schools.

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