Indian scam: sea water instead of a vaccine

More than 2,500 people in India have been the victims of medical personnel scammers who vaccinated people with salt water.

The police uncovered a criminal network and arrested 14 fraudsters who used the pandemic to enrich themselves. The investigation found that over a two-month period, from May to June, at least 12 vaccination programs consisted of the provision of a fake certificate, a syringe, and salt water. Most likely, we are talking about saline, although the victims claim that it was sea water.

The criminals, including doctors and medical personnel, operated in Mumbai and specifically exploited their official position. All detainees have already been charged. Vishal Thakur, Mumbai Police Chief, says:

“The doctors used salt water and prescribed it. The same was done in every fake vaccination center. We have arrested the doctors. They used a hospital that issued fake certificates, vials and syringes. “

Such actions are doubly criminal in a country facing an unprecedented wave of coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Health of India, during the period of the pandemic, 30.62 million cases of infection were registered, 403,281 deaths. Experts are confident that the real figures are much higher. They demand from the authorities a factual assessment of what is happening in the country.

Less than 5% of India’s population is fully vaccinated, according to Johns Hopkins University data. It will take time for vaccinations to reach small Indian cities.

In this case, the police investigation began after the victims of the crime suspected that the certificates were fake and turned to law enforcement agencies. The police are now conducting additional investigations and it is expected that there will be many more arrests.

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