Anti-vaccines will be convinced

Experts and the Greek government are shouting loudly about how important it is to move the vaccination process forward, as the country must build a herd immunity wall at a time when the Delta mutation appears to be on the way.

When the number of cases is growing at an alarming rate and the number of vaccinations is declining, the goal is to convince the unvaccinated to arm themselves against the coronavirus. The planning of Operation persuasion (πειθ,) involves priests, local authorities (mayors, community leaders) as well as people who have an impact on young people.

How will the “exhortation” company work?
Depending on the social or age group of people who have not yet decided to get vaccinated, influential people in local communities will enter into dialogue with citizens to convince them to get vaccinated and to remove doubts from all those who have not been vaccinated so far.

This is where the role of priests, local authorities and influencers begins. For example, if the reasons for the reluctance are religious, the local priest will be the one who undertakes to persuade believers to make the “right decision.” And the youth will be taken up by the leaders, i.e. persons she trusts.

For their part, local governments will have a very important tool in their hands – mobile vaccination centers. Thus, when citizens are found who are positive about vaccination and would like to do it, but they do not have access or the ability (for example, if they live in remote, mountainous and island areas, or because they cannot move), EODY mobile medical teams will come to them.

Vaccination rates by region
On Monday, July 5, the percentage of vaccination coverage in all regions of the country became known.

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