Ukrainian woman who felt sorry for the leader of Chrissi Avgi received a 30 month sentence

52-year-old Ukrainian woman, in whose house was arrested Christos Pappas, convicted in absentia of the Christi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party, was sentenced to imprisonment for 30 months.

Hristos Pappas, deputy leader of the Greek ultra-right party “Golden Dawn”, who has been on the wanted list since October arrested in the Athenian district Zografu in the apartment of a 52-year-old Ukrainian woman. According to the woman, Pappas did not stay at her house, but only briefly visited her to eat and sort out clothes. The court did not accept extenuating circumstances as she could not provide any evidence.

She was taken to the prosecutor and immediately sentenced to 30 months in prison, but conditionally.

Ukrainian woman who harbored the leader of Chrisi Avgi received a term of 30 months

Ukrainian woman who harbored the leader of Chrisi Avgi received a term of 30 months

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Monday, July 5, 2021

According to the woman: “He said that he would stay with me for three, three and a half hours. He will eat and leave. He wanted to freshen up a little, sort out some things that he had, and leave,” the 52-year-old Ukrainian told reporters TV channel OPEN.

“I wanted to see what was happening, I wanted to understand …”.

The woman added, “Can I close the door in front of him and tell him to leave? I could, but I didn’t want it, I wanted to see what was happening, I wanted to understand … Despite the fact that he didn’t talk to me about anything ”.

“Someone obviously called, they saw him and called. There was information that he was here. I am a law-abiding person, I had to call the police … Why didn’t I? I was not afraid that he would do anything to me. For God’s sake, I didn’t want to show contempt for the person I respect, ”said the 52-year-old woman.

It is known that the 52-year-old received Greek citizenship in 2017, and on last elections (2019) voted for the party Ilias Kasidiaras(also convicted along with the entire leadership of the party).

Christos Pappas has been in detention at the Domokos maximum security prison since Friday noon, and the woman who sheltered him was sentenced to 30 months in prison, suspended and released from custody.

Christos Pappas was arrested in the Athenian suburb of Zografu on Thursday evening after going into hiding since October 2020. It is reported that this was the result of a call from an anonymous author who informed the police about Pappas’ whereabouts.

Pappas is currently in isolation due to Covid-19 security measures for 7 – or 14 days if the test is positive – and will then share a cell with other convicted members of Chrissi Avgi.

The trial, which took place in October 2020, sentenced him in absentia by 13 years and 9 months of strict regime.

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