March 31, 2023

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Tragedy in Thessaloniki: suicide and arson of an apartment

The 81-year-old man who committed suicide and started a fire in his apartment in Thessaloniki is believed to have had serious psychological problems.

On Monday morning, July 5, the tragedy became known. An elderly man made the decision to commit suicide and at the same time set fire to his apartment.

As it turned out, the old man warned his friend, Theophanis Vrochidis, about his intention to die. The man told about emails he received from an 81-year-old friend about the decision to commit suicide. Mr. Vrochidis was the one who called the police and arrived first at the scene of the tragedy.

According to him, the elderly man was a writer and after the attack that happened to him, he could no longer write on the computer, do typing. This greatly influenced him, he was in very upset feelings, depression. As it turned out, he was thinking about suicide for 15 days.

He told me to come and shoot a video, adding: it will be “another movie!”
Mr. Vrochidis claimed that a friend personally asked him to come to his house and shoot a video, because “it will be an outstanding performance.” Citing moments before the suicide, the witness stressed that the 81-year-old man had told the police that he was not going to open the door for them.

He then fired into the air to intimidate people trying to break into the front door and threw 5 books into the fire. Then there was an explosion and a fire broke out. According to Theophanis Vrochidis, the 81-year-old man probably shot himself in the forehead and then burned to death.

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