Mitsotakis: “We will not shut down Greece to protect the few unvaccinated”

“I cannot make the vaccine mandatory. But now everyone is taking responsibility for the consequences. The country will not close again to protect a few unvaccinated people, and we will not allow the vast majority of the vaccinated Greek population to pay for it, ”Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview with the Sunday newspaper. kathimerini

The prime minister noted that, unlike the previous phases of the pandemic, when measures were taken to protect public health, we now have vaccines.

He emphasized that some citizens cannot realize the value of vaccination, but deliberately refrains from it, giving the rest the opportunity to build a wall of immunity.

Mitsotakis noted that when the government adopted horizontal restriction measures [блокировки], we didn’t have vaccines. “Let’s not forget this. We currently have vaccines. We have an answer. And we have people who deliberately choose not to defend themselves, not to defend their loved ones, and by their behavior always carry the risk of a new wave [пандемии]”, – he stressed.

He called the unvaccinated “free riders.” He also said that 2,245 people died in April, May and June due to Covid-19. They were between 60 and 80 years old.

“[Из числа умерших] only 22 people were vaccinated, ”he said, adding that“ 2,223 people were not vaccinated. They could have been vaccinated, they had such an opportunity, but they did not. “

PS One could also ask the Prime Minister why the home vaccination program has not yet started in the seventh month of implementation. One might ask what he thinks is the reason people are increasingly reluctant to receive vaccines, whether he knows if they are opposed to the vaccine, or are they confused by conflicting information even from national epidemiologists, or that they have difficulty accessing vaccination centers. One could also ask him if he is planning any campaign to convince them, or will he continue to threaten, punish and pay young people 150 euros?

One may also ask why only 47.7% of the population received at least one dose, and this number also includes 37.6% who were fully vaccinated on 3 July. In this sense, more than 50% are not vaccinated, and this is not just “a little”.

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