Priests are vaccinated without fail

Recently, thanks to vaccinations, about 400 deaths, 250 intubations and 16,500 cases of the disease have been avoided, said Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, on the SKAI TV channel Kalimera.

“With the help of modern technology and a special model, we analyzed a hypothetical scenario of what might have happened if we did not have the level of vaccination that we have since Easter. The data showed that we have avoided about 16,500 cases, 250 intubated and 400 deaths due to vaccinations, ”he said.

In July, we can reach 1600 cases due to the Delta mutation
At the same time, an alarming signal is observed in connection with the Delta mutation. The expert noted that the pandemic is not stabilizing. “The pandemic indicators have repeated and I am very much afraid that in July we will see cases that will exceed 1000-1600 and stabilize at the level that Portugal is now, and we were at the beginning of May (about 2000 cases),” he added.

Indian strain infects you within 3-5 minutes
Referring to infection with the Indian mutation, the professor noted that on average, instead of 2 people being infected, 4 people become infected.

“With close contact, which lasted a quarter of an hour with someone who is infected, you can become infected. While in the past it took 20 minutes to get infected, now it takes 3-5 minutes,” he stressed. According to him, the vaccinated person can also be infected, but an unvaccinated person will show more severe symptoms even if they are young, and if the infected person is over 50, almost three in 10 will almost certainly go to hospital and some will be intubated.

In this context, as the professor of pulmonology emphasizes, out of 100 deaths over 50 years old, 90-95 will be associated with unvaccinated, and only 5 deaths of fully vaccinated, who are either elderly or have severe chronic diseases, and the vaccine did not work on them effectively enough.

Tsanakis: Priests must be vaccinated
The professor also raised the issue of the obligation to vaccinate priests. “Shouldn’t priests who come into contact with their flock, who are especially prone to serious illness and death, should not be vaccinated? Shouldn’t local authorities ask them all to get vaccinated?” – the expert emphasized.

“No” to the obligatory fast or molecular trip to the islands
Commenting on the tightening of travel measures to the islands with mandatory rapid testing or molecular testing, Mr Tsanakis noted that this should not be mandatory. Free access to tests is offered for citizens wishing to be vaccinated.

Many were not vaccinated not out of conviction, but because they did not have the opportunity due to the priority of the national vaccination committee. Procedures should be established so that they have easy access to any test they need to travel.

You cannot force another person, who is not to blame for not being vaccinated, to pay out of their own pocket. “It is necessary to strengthen the measure, not to hinder it,” concluded Mr. Tsanakis.

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