Reconstruction works begin in the historic center of Patras

The authorities have taken an important step in improving the urban infrastructure and image of the city. The main idea is to plan three directions of the alleys, following which residents and guests of the city will be able to see all the monuments of the ancient and modern history of the city.

With the aim of promoting the important historical monuments of the city of Patras, improving the quality of life of residents, as well as increasing the number of visitors that will contribute to the development of the city, the city authorities strive to soon carry out construction and repair work in the historical center, which will begin immediately.

In fact, the agreement of the municipality has already been signed with a representative of the contractor company, who will undertake the implementation of the corresponding volume of work for the integrated development of the city.

The project will be implemented initially in Upper Patras (άνω πόλη) and has a budget of 8,740,000 euros, funded by ΕΣΠΑ under the Sustainable Urban Development Program. The reconstruction of the upper town, combined with the reconstruction of the old municipal hospital, founded in 1857 by King Otto and designed by the Danish architect Hansen, is characterized by the municipality “as a particularly important step in improving its function and appearance.

In particular, the renovation includes a number of projects such as, for example, road construction, lighting and landscaping in the upper city area, which are part of a series of renovations to be carried out in the historic center of Patras. Repairs will be carried out on an area of ​​about 70 hectares.

At the same time, it is expected that as a result of the work, the bioclimatic and aesthetic zone will be modernized with the use of appropriate materials for paving sidewalks and alleys, landscaping and urban equipment.

According to Mayor Costas Peletidis, “the upper city is changing its appearance along with the work that will be carried out. However, all Patras will also change their appearance in connection with the work that will later begin in the lower city (κάτω πόλη). “

As for the renovation of the historical center, the main idea of ​​the architectural composition of the works is the construction of three pedestrian paths, walking along which residents and guests of the city will be able to view the monuments of the ancient and modern history of the city. The tour will take place along sidewalks and limited traffic roads, thus offering an improved aesthetic experience.

The first walking route will connect the lower city with the upper one along the main sidewalk of Gerokostopulu Street. The walk will take you through the main part of the upper city, where the most important archaeological sites of Patras are located, such as the Roman conservatory, the Roman hippodrome, the castle and the old municipal hospital.

The second route will cross part of the center of Patras along the large pedestrian street of Riga Fereu. On this route, which connects the city center with the majestic church of the patron saint Andrew, the visitor will be able to see some of the most remarkable and representative new monuments, such as neoclassical houses.

The third walking route will take you through the historic center of the city, and you can also ride a bike along it.

As for the sub-objectives of the project, according to the municipality, it is expected to improve the quality of life and the environment through sidewalks and more landscaping, as well as improve the parameters of movement through the creation of sidewalks.

It is also assumed that the renovation of public spaces and squares will be implemented: pedestrian paths, a network of sidewalks, restoration of stairs connecting the upper and lower cities, as well as the creation bike path networks

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