Catering owners do not intend to scan customers: “Rough and unreasonable measures”

The reaction to the ridiculous measures that the Greek government is about to impose is getting worse. “Rude and unreasonable measures” – this is how the catering owners described the new “two-tier measures” to admit only vaccinated visitors to cafes and restaurants, stating that they “will not scan customers” at the entrance.

After an angry speech by catering professionals in Thessaloniki, who expressed their disagreement with the ridiculous measures to separate citizens in catering establishments, they were supported by their colleagues from Ilia.

According to restaurateurs, clean and mixed areas (for vaccinated and unvaccinated) won’t work. And they themselves do not intend to “engage in … scanning and verification of documents” among visitors (which is generally absurd!), Criticizing the government for shifting its responsibilities onto businessmen.

“The measures are crude, unreasonable and cannot work in practice,” said Vasilis Siguros, vice president of the Pyrgos Restaurant Association. According to representatives of the restaurant, stated in the Peloponnis newspaper, shopkeepers are not allowed to check who is vaccinated and who is not.

“The authorities are shifting the responsibility for making decisions to the entrepreneurs in the catering sector,” said Mr Siguros and stressed that the government should support public catering with additional measures, instead of “fantasizing”.

Among other things, it was emphasized that the priority for professionals is the provision of financial assistance by the authorities in the amount of 7% of the turnover, as promised and which has not yet been done.

“The new measures practically lead to the division of clients or tourists into ‘categories’ and, of course, shift the individual responsibility to each entrepreneur for making a decision. If we take into account the supervisory audit that the owners and staff of our stores must carry out, replacing the competent audit authorities, then we realize that the decision was wrong, ”says Mr Siguros.

According to a text published by the Pyrgos Restaurant Association, some questions arise:

“What to do if 1 client from a group of 4 people is not vaccinated? Is it to be deposited separately? And then what should entrepreneurs do, maybe not let visitors in at all? How the catering staff will treat this specific customer without creating problems (in the relationship between the business and the customer), and what sanctions will be applied to a cafe or restaurant that will follow the client’s tastes and put him at a table with everyone in a “clean “zone? What responsibility will the catering owner bear if this is discovered (by the inspectors of the inspectors, just an anecdote!)? What will happen to tourists who visit catering after a 10-day stay in our country, regardless of whether they arrived with an initial health certificate? How to deal with scammers using another person’s QR code? Will you need to demand from him to present an identity card? What an absurdity! …

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