When we walk through the new Elliniko

The general director of Lamda Development, Odysseus Atanassiou, on the SKY channel said that at the beginning of 2022, citizens will have the opportunity to take their first walk in Elliniko.

“The entire coastal area and the shopping center, which is located in Vouliagmeni and adjacent to the stations of Argyroupoli and Elliniko, the part covered by the park, plus sports facilities will be ready by 2025. We set an ambitious goal. However, at the beginning of 2022 it will be possible to visit the park and enjoy the walk, ”he added.

Dialogue with citizens
Last week, CEO Odysseus Atanassiou, speaking at a general meeting of shareholders, stressed that Lamda has proven: she is always on the side of the citizens, since the project concerns all Greeks. “We are starting a series of online presentations on the progress of the project. We will constantly listen to the opinion of society, ”stressed Mr. Athanassiou.

Housing demand is high
As it became known, the demand for houses to be built in Elliniko, exceeds all expectations. For this reason, said the CEO of Lamda Development, 1400 houses will be built instead of 400 in the first 5 years.

Houses will be built where the facilities of Agios Kosmas are located today. Due to the lower costs, they will be addressed to a wide range of potential buyers. The indicators of demand for housing in the new quarters of Elliniko were the words of Mr. Attanasiu: “We have received an advance payment for the houses, and the sales have been made,” he said from the rostrum of the general meeting. Mr. Atanassiou also announced how the pricing policy for the sale of housing will be formed.

The prices for the 9,000 houses to be built inside Elliniko will be addressed to as many Greeks as possible wishing to move and live in the area. He noted that the prices being formed will be slightly lower than in new buildings on the southern outskirts, that is, below 6,000-7,000 euros / sq.m.

At the same time, it was noted that 5% of residential real estate belongs to the elite, with prices from 8000 euros / sq.m. Apartments will appear in Elliniko, the cost of which will “stun”. For example, for an apartment on the 50th floor of a skyscraper, the price that a potential owner will have to pay will reach 25,000 euros per sq.m.

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