"Mr. Bean" in GADA: theft of paintings and criticism

Professor EKPA: “The presentation of Picasso’s painting was reminiscent of Mr. Bean’s show,” an epic scene with a great comedian.

The presentation of the painting at GADA, during which a valuable piece of art fell, was commented on radio Alpha by EKPA art history professor Manos Stefanidis. And although he spoke about the success of ELAS, he still did not fail to comment on how the presentation of the masterpieces of art was made. Insofar as Picasso’s painting not only fell, but the person who undertook to put it in its place did it wrong, as he touched the painting without gloves. As Mr. Stephanides said, this scene reminded him of a scene from the comedian Mr. Bean’s show.

At the same time, the expert pointedly emphasized the absence of the director of the National Gallery, Ms. Lambraki, at the press conference. As you know, the only guard was responsible for the theft.

According to Mr. Stephanides, he was not convinced by the confession of the 49-year-old man, who, according to him, acted with amateurishness and insolence. The specialist said that the 49-year-old may have an accomplice, and that the case may have other consequences.

Regarding the cost of the two paintings, Mr. Stephanides said that their price would be between 50 and 100 million euros, stressing that the perpetrator did not know the value of the works in his hands.

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