From July 15, new measures: who and what will be allowed, and who will not

The way to a normal rhythm of life lies through vaccination, after the creation of herd immunity.

If until yesterday this seemed theoretical to many, then after the statements of the Minister of State Georgios Gerapetritis and the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis it entered our reality, having a significant impact on the social life of citizens.

In fact, the various rules that will apply from July 15 in closed spaces – restaurants and entertainment venues (clubs, concert halls, etc.) are based on the division into “clean” and “mixed” companies (vaccinated and not).

Thus, those who have been vaccinated, i.e. most citizens will return to the normal life they were deprived of without being held hostage by those who refuse to be vaccinated.

What will apply
In closed spaces, in addition to entertainment centers, that is, in restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theaters, 85% occupancy will be applied, the use of a mask will be mandatory in theaters and cinemas, and minors will come with a self-examination declaration.

In outdoor entertainment areas, the occupancy rate will be 85%, and no mask is required, while in partially open and closed entertainment centers (music centers, clubs), the occupancy rate will reach 60%.

In mixed, partially enclosed spaces, the occupancy rate will be 50%. Mask use will be mandatory in movie theaters, and those who have not been vaccinated will require a fresh rapid test with a negative result.

In mixed outdoor recreation areas with some seating capacity (excluding stadiums), the occupancy rate will be 75% for areas with less than 1,000 seats, 70% for areas with less than 5,000 seats, and 65% for areas with less than 15 000 places. The use of a mask is mandatory in all areas.

Indoor and outdoor mixed entertainment venues will have a 25% occupancy rate and a previous negative rapid test result will be required for the unvaccinated. Finally, the unvaccinated are forbidden to enter some areas (closed part of the room).

Announcement of measures in the coming days
In the coming days, it is expected to clarify what will happen to spaces capable of accommodating more than 15,000 people, since this was not included in yesterday’s provisions. The prevailing scenario assumes 60% occupancy.

There is no provision for compulsory vaccination of workers
There is also no provision for mandatory vaccination of employees in “clean” areas (for the vaccinated). The competent source noted that this depends in part on the professionalism of the owners, as they have chosen to accept only vaccinated clients by assigning their own staff.

At the same time, it takes into account the fact that the majority of employees in cafes and restaurants are young people who may not have had time to complete vaccinations and receive a longer time horizon. It is not excluded that the issue will be revised by July 15 and the corresponding provision will be introduced.

Without a vaccine – nowhere!

The third pillar for building a public health network in regions where there is a high degree of convergence or where the virus has the potential to spread is compulsory vaccinationas announced yesterday by Mr. Gerapetritis after the meeting of the committee on bioethics and health structures.

According to the information, on the government’s table there is a proposal to extend the obligation to vaccinate to those who have to do military service, as well as to athletes of professional and amateur clubs, in respect of whom no decision has yet been made.

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