Apartment by the sea: real estate prices in Greece

New data on fluctuations in property prices located on the islands has been published by the competent website Spitogatos.

It is expected that the government’s announcement of new objective values ​​will significantly change the situation by real estate market, which is recovering after a difficult period. The interest of many is focused on areas where it is possible to buy real estate (apartment and floor) within 100,000 euros.

According to Spitogatos data, based on the SPI (Spitogatos Property Index), the average selling price in most of the Greek islands shows significant changes.

10 islands with a big increase in the selling price

Serifos, Samothrace and Poros have seen the largest increases in average selling prices: 26.2%, 23.1% and 20%, respectively. The requested sales prices are set for the above islands at 2649.5 € / sqm, 1066.7 € / sqm. and 2000 € / sq.m, respectively.

They are followed by Antiparos, Naxos, Kythnos and Paros, with annual changes of 17.6%, 15%, 12.8% and 12.5%. The asking prices for these islands are set at 3823.5 euros / sq.m, 2697.7 euros / sq.m. 2255.6 € / sq.m and 2812.5 € / sq.m.

Next come the islands of Kefalonia, Tinos and Rhodes, with 11.3%, 9% and 8.8%, with corresponding offer prices of 1700 € / sq.m, 1875 € / sq.m. and 1375 € / sq.m.

10 islands with the biggest discounts
In contrast, according to the Spitogatos report, the islands with the largest decrease in asking prices show negative annual change – Thassos, Ikaria, Skopelos and Patmos with percentages of -9.2%, -7.1%, -5.6% and -5.2%, respectively. Asking prices: 1309.5 € / sq.m, 1300 € / sq.m, 1062.5 € / sq.m and 3359.7 € / sq.m.

Next come Leros, Lesvos and Kea with an annual change of -3.4%, -2.8% and -2.7%, and the asking prices for the islands are 1931.8 euros / sq.m, 1029.4 euros / sq. m. and 2400 € / sq.m.

Rounding out the top ten are Syros, Chios and Spetses. The percentages of change are as follows: -1.5%, -0.8% and -0.8% at asking prices of 1438.4 € / sq.m, 1133.3 € / sq.m and 3045.7 € / sq.m …

Islands where the pricing policy remains unchanged
Spitogatos data show that no change in annual percentages was observed for Kalymnos, Ithaca, Sikinos and Agistri. The asking price remained at the level of 1666.7 € / sq.m, 2307.7 € / sq.m, 1666.7 € / sq.m and 2100 € / sq.m. respectively.

Recall that Greece created digital map of real estate pricesupdated in real time.

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