Is the Moderna vaccine effective against the Indian strain !?

Moderna said its vaccine produces protective antibodies against the Indian strain of Delta, which has caused a sharp increase in infections over the past month around the world.

Moderna researchers tested blood samples from eight people for antibodies to spike protein versions from various variants of the coronavirus, including Delta, which first appeared in India.

The vaccine “produced neutralizing titers against all variants tested,” the pharmaceutical company said.

According to Bloomberg, protective proteins are called neutralizing antibodies because they are able to prevent the virus from entering cells.

Compared to the amount of antibodies produced against the original version of the virus, the levels of neutralization against Delta decreased 2.1 times.

Antibody levels dropped 4.2 times compared to the Beta strain first discovered in Nigeria and eight times compared to the new A.VOI.V2 variant found in Angola.

According to laboratory studies, the levels of neutralizing antibodies, although reduced, are still considered high enough to prevent disease, since the mRNA vaccine elicits a strong immune response with an excess of antibodies against the parent strain.

“We continue to strive to explore options, create data and share it when it becomes available. “This new data reinforces and reinforces our belief that the Moderna vaccine provides protection against variants,” said the CEO of Moderna.

As a reminder, Moderna conducted a study that showed that its vaccine produces neutralizing antibodies against alpha, beta and gamma variants.

How much the research data correspond to reality, most likely, we will find out later.

Today it has become knownthat one of the developers of “Sputnik” Denis Logunov said that the activity of the sera against the Indian strain falls by 2.6 times, but clarified that the effectiveness of the vaccine still remains high. Head of the Center. Gamalei, in turn, warned that the death rate from coronavirus among the unvaccinated could increase fivefold.

Director of the Center. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg, at a press conference at the Russia Today news agency, warned of a possible fivefold increase in mortality from coronavirus. “In a certain percentage of cases, which, most likely, will constantly increase, this percentage of fatalities can no longer be calculated by 1-2%, but about 5-10%,” Gunzburg said.

“Therefore, vaccination is absolutely necessary as a preventive measure against this disease,” he summed up during his speech.

At the same time, he replied that being ill in a mild form does not mean protecting yourself, and you need to get vaccinated. “This disease is very insidious, and just getting sick in a mild form does not mean protecting yourself from this disease,” he said at a press conference.

Chinese vaccines 3-4 times less effective against Delta strain

The neutralizing effectiveness of the China vaccines are slightly lower against the delta strain of coronavirus than against other COVID-19 variants, but the protective effect remains, said Feng Zijian, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Currently available Chinese vaccines are still quite effective against this virus, but the protective effect has also partially decreased,” Feng Zijian said on the air of the PRC Central Television.

He noted that in many countries neutralizing antibodies of already available vaccines on the market are used to neutralize the delta strain, abroad there are also reports of a decrease in the effectiveness in neutralizing the virus, and in some cases it is said about a 3-4-fold decrease.

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