A new wave of heat

Another “hot” day is expected on Tuesday, according to the weather forecast of the National Observatory of Athens.

According to meteorologists, today, 06/29, the air temperature will start to rise again, and on Wednesday on the mainland it will reach + 41 ° C.

As for the weather on Tuesday, meteo.gr notes that high air temperatures with maximum values ​​of + 38-39 ° C degrees on the mainland of the country. During the day, rain is expected in the northern and central mountainous regions.

Tuesday weather
The detailed weather forecast of the National Observatory of Athens / meteo.gr for today is as follows:

Sunny weather with high temperatures is expected, and showers and thunderstorms are likely in the midday and afternoon in the central and northern mountain regions.

The air temperature will range from +21 to 35 ° C in Northern Greece (in Western Macedonia from +17 to 33 ° C), from +23 to 37 ° C in Central and Southern Greece (in Thessaly up to + 39 ° C), from +20 to 38 ° C in Western Greece ( in Epirus up to + 34 ° C), from +24 to 34 ° C in the Cyclades and up to + 36-37 ° C in Crete.

Winds in the Aegean Sea are mostly northerly, low to moderate, with a force of 3-4 Beaufort points. In the southeast of the Aegean Sea – in the north-western direction with a force of 4-5 points and in some places up to 6 points, while in the Ionian Sea it is changeable, up to 4 points.


It’s sunny in Attica on Tuesday. The temperature will be from +26 to 36 ° С, but in the north and east of the region it will be 2-3 degrees lower. The wind is changeable, moderate, up to 4 points on the Beaufort scale.


Sunny weather is expected in Thessaloniki on Tuesday. The air temperature will be from +26 to 34 ° C. The wind in Thermaikos Gulf is southeast, with a force of 4 on the Beaufort scale.

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