"At least 80% wall of immunity" due to Delta mutation

“This is a good move”: This is how the president of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, described the project called Freedom Pass during a regular briefing on the vaccination progress. She mentioned delta mutation, stressing that now the “immune wall” should be at least 80%.

Ms Theodoridou stressed that it is “too early to be enthusiastic about the results,” noting that she had two enthusiastic phone calls, “mainly because of the good offer”.

Maria Theodoridou said that “the virus is mutating faster than everyone expected, so we must accelerate our efforts.” In this context, in connection with the Delta mutation, stressing that scientists have estimated the need to raise the immunity wall “above 80%.”

The President of the National Vaccination Committee stressed that the Delta mutation has been registered in 92 countries and has already been recorded in Greece, noting that “it will prevail and will be 90% more infectious, and the spread will mainly affect unvaccinated young people and children.” …

Ms Theodoridou pointed out that in the summer “90% of new infections will be attributed to the Delta strain”, noting that it has a high transmission rate, “50-70% higher than infection with the British strain, which is 50% more infectious than Wuhan Option “.

The President of the National Vaccination Committee added that the response to this development is to strengthen vaccination with “two doses of vaccine”, adding that the Pzizer vaccine provides a degree of protection of 96%, and the AstraZeneca vaccine – 92% (according to other sources, no more than 60%. Ed. ).

Ms. Theodoridou emphasized that protection against a single dose does not exceed 30% and emphasized the need to accelerate the two-dose vaccination. She also said that 96% of deaths, according to a study in the United States, occur in 96% of unvaccinated citizens.

Youth Vaccination Voucher Promotional Video

Opposition view: “This is bribery of young people driven to poverty”

Opposition parties in Greece have condemned Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for giving 150 euros to the country’s youth as an incentive for the Covid-19 vaccination.

The SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party accused Mitsotakis of trying to bribe young people and asked him to stop sharing citizens with vaccine privileges. In a statement, SYRIZA says:

“Mitsotakis, who has turned the lives of young people into hell over the past year and a half, is now trying to bribe them with a bribe of 150 euros. He treats them like a fish that will swallow the bait, not like citizens with rights. Eat and forget about authoritarianism, beatings in the squares and the unprecedented expulsion of thousands of students from public universities for the sake of private colleges, constantly persecuting them for the spread of the pandemic. However, SYRIZA encourages all people to be vaccinated in order to build a wall of immunity, “in spite of offensive gifts and privileges.”

Criticism also came from the opposition Movement for Change (KINAL / PASOK: the prime minister’s statement is a “failure”).

KINAL said in a statement that the government has failed to convince people to get vaccinated and is now resorting to populism, benefiting half of the country’s young people between the ages of 18 and 25. “The danger of viral mutations requires a high level of human participation in vaccination, which is far from us,” KINAL said, noting that it offered a targeted campaign, mobile vaccination units, strong incentives and mandatory vaccinations for specific categories of employees. “Finally, they have to be serious,” the ad concludes.

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