Pay for the coffin yourself: the killer pilot does not repent of what he did

The Krauts family attorney’s revelation that Babis Anagnostopoulos, the husband and murderer of 20-year-old Caroline, demanded that her mother pay for her daughter’s coffin, sparked a public reaction.

“I want to tell you, and we’ll close this topic right away because it’s scary and doesn’t fit in my head … I don’t intend to comment on it … The criminal demanded that the murdered mother be paid for the coffin of Caroline, her dear girl!” the victim’s family lawyer, Tanasis Harmanis. This fact caused outrage among everyone, and turned society against the pilot, characterizing the personality of the killer as an unprincipled and cold-blooded cynic.

“Caroline was very afraid of him – she was looking for an apartment in the center to move out of him.”
Earlier, Stamatia Marku, attorney for Eleni Milonopoulou, the couple’s family mental health consultant, told SKAI that Caroline was looking for an apartment in the center of Athens, more specifically, near Syntagma. She wanted to get away from tyrant husband and find a house near the culinary college where she was going to study.

Caroline told the psychologist that “their relationship with her husband is at an impasse,” that she is very afraid of Anagnostopoulos. The girl asked her for advice on how to cope with this problem. The mental health consultant also believes that the message she received from Caroline, demanding to reschedule the next session they had planned, may have been sent by the killer himself.

Ms. Milonopoulou encouraged Caroline to talk to her mother, but she refused, saying that she “does not want to disappoint and upset her.” According to the psychologist, the 20-year-old girl realized that she had made the wrong choice and was trying to find a way out of this situation on her own.

New house
At the same time, as the SKAI channel later found out, the killer Babis Anagnostopoulos after committed a crimewas about to start building his new home. At the same time, he stressed that he wanted to do it right away so that he could stop paying rent and move out (go live) in his own home.

And in order to “blur the eyes” of the people responsible for the construction, he said that “this is what Caroline really wanted.”

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