Expert: Delta Strain Could Cost Life Unvaccinated

Matina Pagoni, president of the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association, which had previously called for mandatory vaccinations and threatened that unvaccinated residents of the country “stay at home,” issued a new statement to the people of the country.

“With the Delta mutation, we fear for those who have not been vaccinated. After getting both doses of vaccine, you will not be able to go to the intensive care unit. There is not a single such case in history. Delta mutation has a higher transmission capacity. What matters is that vaccinations are done quickly. By the end of August, we have to get 80% of the vaccinations. ”

“When the vaccination rate reaches 75-80%, herd immunity will be achieved, which must be achieved,” explained Matina Pagoni. The expert warns: “From autumn it will be worse. By that time, we should be fully armed. “

On the subject of masks, Ms Pagoni explained: “When the committee proposed to abolish the wearing of masks, it was further clarified that this should only be done outdoors and where there is no gathering of people. Even vaccinated people should wear masks because you don’t know who is around you. Each of us should have a mask with us (in a bag, in a pocket). You can forget your wallet at home, but not your mask!

Only when the number of vaccinations reaches 80% will we be able to completely stop wearing a mask. “

Ms Pagoni also mentioned women who intend to become pregnant and whether it is safe for them to be vaccinated.

“Some scientists say that there are no problems, while others are more careful in their statements and recommend waiting until the end of the research. We’ve got the idea that women can get the vaccine because it doesn’t affect the fetus. The conclusion was made on the basis of the research that we have now, but the data in medicine are changing, ”says the expert.

“It should be emphasized how important the vaccine is in eliminating the side effects of the disease itself,” said Ms Pagoni. “Those of us who were (visited, worked) in hospitals had to write a book! I will not forget my colleague, whose whole family was ill: parents, husband and one of her three children. She lost her parents, however, fortunately, the child and husband were saved. Every day we experience difficult stories and even tragedies, the loss of loved ones. If this became known for certain to people who have not been vaccinated, we would have reached 95%, ”said Ms Pagoni.

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