200 euros for 4 days: the perfect island for a budget holiday

In the summer of 2021, we know that our travel appetites must be contained in every way. Our incomes do not grow, unlike prices, and long trips by air or sea vessels cause incredible discomfort, since enduring all the way in a mask is a natural nightmare.

How about a 4-day trip to the island for € 200 per person? Not bad at all, right? In this case, the trip will last 2-3 hours …

Too good to be true!

Spetses is the most popular tourist destination for the inhabitants of Athens, as it is only 50 miles from Piraeus. And most importantly, from the moment you arrive at the port of Costa, you will feel this island air, feel at the same time relaxed and full of energy, since there was no need to spend half a day on the road.

IN search you can find wonderful rooms by the sea for 35-40 euros per night. So for 4 days (3 nights) you will need to pay only 105 euros.

Spetses is considered one of the most beautiful, picturesque and cosmopolitan islands of the Saronic Gulf, whose history has led many people to its alleys and beaches. Isola di Spezzie, or “fragrant island”, set against the backdrop of beautiful Hydra, is the ideal destination for day trips or weekend excursions.

You’ll do the right thing if you don’t think about the car. After all, Spetses is bicycles and … strollers!

You will walk to the Old Port, Agios Nikolaos and the historic Dapia Square. And you will return to the Old Port, as if from another era, to taste the exquisite delicacies of the island overlooking the sea and the island’s terraces.

The food on the island is excellent whichever tavern or restaurant you choose. You have many options, and they will confuse you so much that you hardly want to stay in one place for more than an hour. Prices for any wallet. Are you interested in good and cheap food? With a budget of 15 euros a day, you will eat like a king.

There is no time for tourist tours, you are going on vacation, and not returning back to Athens in the form of a corpse. However, if your stamina is good, a walk to the mansion Bubulin worth it. It is literally a stone’s throw from Niapa.

Nearby you will find Kaiki Beach, famous for its cool crystal clear waters. It is a must visit and, if you are an adventurer, go for a swim.

The only thing that can be said for sure is that if you come to this island once, you will return there again and again.

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