July 14, 2024

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Priest who poured acid on judges sent for psychiatric examination

The priest, arrested in the acid attack on 10 people on Wednesday, has been taken to a state mental hospital for examination.

The man will remain in Dromokaitio Hospital under police protection until the completion of the psychiatric examination, as the authorities concluded that he could not testify before the prosecutor. The criminal case has not been sent to the prosecutor’s office, so no formal charges have been brought yet.

Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday afternoon, the former archimandrite, 37-year-old Theophylact Kombos, without a cassock, in ordinary clothes, was taken to the prosecutor in Evelpidon, accompanied by armed police officers. It is noted that the prosecutor made a decision to transfer him to the Dromokaitio clinic for a psychiatric examination.

Earlier, in an interview with SKAI, his lawyer Andreas Theodoropoulos emphasized that the priest needs psychiatric help, and he will apply for a referral for examination to the prosecutor’s office.

The attack came after the bishops decided to discipline a priest who was accused of drug possession. After the announcement of the court’s decision to remove his dignity, the man took a bottle of sulfuric acid out of his clothes and threw it into the members of the court. 7 metropolitans were injured due to contact of caustic liquid on the face and hands, they are treated in hospitals.

In addition to the bishops, a police officer was also injured who tried stop Archimandrite Theophylact Kombos, as well as a lawyer and secretary of the synod. It is reported that the latter, as the most affected, with burns to the neck and back, was transferred for further treatment to the Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Burns of the CAT.

Metropolitans Gumenisis, Kifissia, Drinoupoleos-Konitsis and Kassandrei, who were sent yesterday from the “People’s Hospital” to the hospital “G. Gennimatas ”, were initially examined at the University Ophthalmology Clinic of the hospital, and, according to the doctors, they were found to have a slight eye injury, in connection with which they received appropriate treatment. Later they were examined by plastic surgeons, who discovered limited burns to the face and upper limbs, for which the metropolitans received appropriate treatment.

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