Nymphaio: Police Operation Against Residents Blocked Wind Turbines

“When it comes to transnational corporations, we have different laws. The first battle may have been lost, but we continue, we knew it would be a marathon, ”says Kyriakos Eleftheriadis, the organizer of the picket.

“Nimfayo’s picket fell.” A dramatic name was given by the residents of the area themselves, who for more than a month and a half guarded the place where wind turbines are installed on the “Aerorem”, day and night. But on June 23, at 6 am, the MAT police special forces and the OPKE anti-terrorist unit dispersed the picket at the construction site. The police operation took place despite a pending precautionary hearing claimed by residents and environmental organizations. informs edition “Efsin”.

The mood of the authorities was noticeable since last night, because immediately after midnight police officers appeared near the picket, threatened with fines, referred to … the ban on demonstrations during the pandemic and demanded to get out of the construction site. At that moment, they were stopped by a group of residents of a remote village, but at dawn numerous police forces appeared, blocking the path of those who rushed to help the protesters.

The fact is that the company immediately received permission, bypassing local authorities, says the municipal councilor of the People’s Assembly of the village of Amintayo Kyriakos Eleftheriadis. “We knew this, the institutional structure was established, we know how many heads the beast has and how strong it is, but we carried out judicial actions, in this case we exposed everyone to whom and whose interests they serve. Where is the justice now? While the ban has not yet been taken – the trial will take place on July 8 – the company continues to operate under the protection of the police. It seems that when it comes to multinational corporations, different laws apply. The residents who are fighting for the obvious are illegal and not a company digging in the mountains?

Commentary by Apostolos Sophialides, Associate Professor of Law at AUTh, who, among other things, wrote: “Before you ask me why I don’t need wind turbines, ask the Chinese, Germans, Greeks, all other“ investors ”and“ entrepreneurs ”. And they will tell you why you need it. In the end, they came to my house without even asking me. Why do they bring them and nail them to our backs and to our mountains, uprooting stones and trees, expelling and killing the wild creatures that accompanied our life, the life of our ancestors. Because they distort our horizons, because they suck in the air we breathe “…

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