Home assistant got her hands on 51,000 euros

The housekeeper emptied the hostess’s bank account by stealing € 51,000 from her.

Yesterday at noon, a woman was arrested in the Pieria area for theft and fraud.

The detainee periodically worked as a house assistant in the house of an elderly woman with whom she had established a relationship of trust. As they gradually drew closer, the cleaning lady managed to trick her into obtaining the hostess’s bank card. After that, she began to withdraw various amounts of money from the account, a total of 51,471.58 euros.

During the search in the house of the home assistant, an amount of 600 euros and a vacuum cleaner were found and confiscated, which, as it turned out, she bought with the money withdrawn from the stolen card. The bank card was found where the woman hid it.
The detainee will be taken to the prosecutor of the court of first instance in Katerini.

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