50-year-old cleaning lady rapist arrested

Law enforcement agencies in Greece detained and brought to the prosecutor’s office a 35-year-old rapist, a 50-year-old cleaning lady.

The young man was found and arrested after receiving information that he took refuge in his home (Nea Philadelphia) after the deed.

As it became known, the man was arrested late Tuesday evening by the Athens police department in cooperation with the OPKE. The detainee is accused of illegal detention and rape of a cleaning lady in his apartment in the Petralona district.

The victim went on Saturday morning to an apartment building at 11 Simmakhidon Street to clean up the common areas, as she had worked there (cleaning the staircase and staircase) for the past three years. As it is written in the statement of the victim, she “was cleaning the first floor of the house when at 8 o’clock in the morning the criminal left his apartment, grabbed her, dragged her into the apartment and repeatedly raped her.”

After about nine hours, the woman managed to escape. From the balcony on the first floor, she climbed over the railing, getting to the neighbors, and asked them for help. Residents who saw the beaten and torn woman immediately called an ambulance. Doctors took the victim to the State General Hospital in Nikia for first aid.

Police cordoned off a crime scene in Petralona, ​​and the EKAM emergency response team broke into the apartment, but did not find the perpetrator, who probably escaped through the duct.

Four days later, using information that the man had taken refuge in his home located in New Philadelphia, the police managed to find traces of the fugitive and arrest him. On 23/06 he was taken to the prosecutor’s office together with an accomplice who helped him hide.

Heavy criminal history

The citizen of Bulgaria has a serious criminal record. In August 2015, he raped a 20-year-old student, tried to kill her, and abused her dog. The man was arrested and charged with rape, attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, disturbing the peace at home and violating the pet law. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and released five years later, in 2020, under the parole provisions of the former Penal Code.

As soon as news of the beating and rape of a 50-year-old woman became known last Saturday, marches were held in Petralona condemning gender-based violence.

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